Q: I am registering a group of people from my district, what questions do I need to answer for each person when registering?
A: You will need to provide an email address for each attendee, their Twitter handle if they have one, and any dietary restrictions, including vegetarianism. Some of the meals will be plated, and without accurate information on dietary restrictions we cannot guarantee the ability of the venue to make accommodations that day.

Q: Why is registration so expensive?
A: The Institute for Personalized Learning does everything it can to keep prices as low as possible while covering all expenses. We do our best to negotiate the lowest rates possible with the venue, food vendor, and AV vendor, but these services are still extremely costly.

Q: Why do presenters have to pay to register?
A: This practice is common for most regional and national conferences, however we offer the lowest price possible to presenters. Almost all presenters attend the convening for the entire duration, taking advantage of all of the other sessions like any other attendee. Since we incur food costs and equipment costs regardless of a participant’s status as a presenter or not, we expect presenters to register and pay like all other attendees.

Q: Why aren’t all of the hand-outs for break-out sessions available online?
A: We make numerous requests to presenters for their hand-outs. All the hand-outs that are provided to us by the deadline will be uploaded to the site. Unfortunately, not all presenters send their hand-outs in a timely fashion for staff to be able to upload them..

Q: Why can’t I connect to the Internet?
A: Please alert a staff member of the Institute for Personalized Learning if you are having connection difficulties. We have been assured by both venues that connection should not be an issue, even with the size of our group. We encourage everyone in attendance to only connect one device to the internet (including phones) so that everyone can have access to the Internet.

Q: How are the break-out presenters selected?
A: Break-out session submissions are reviewed by Institute staff using a rubric that is shared with presenters ahead of submission.

Q: Where is registration?
A: Registration is in the Hyatt, on the second floor outside of the Regency Ballroom.

Q: Where do I find information about Milwaukee area restaurants and other entertainment options during the Convening?
A: Visit our Explore MKE page for all kinds of information about the Milwaukee area.

Q: I registered for the Convening but haven’t received a confirmation email -- did my registration go through?
A: There are two likely causes:

  1. The online registration system that we use only sends the confirmation email to the first person listed in the registration form. Please check with this individual that they received an email for your group. If they did not, please email contactus@institute4pl.org so we can verify if you are registered or not. 
  2. The registration system does time-out after approximately 10 minutes of inactivity. If you started entering information and came back to it after 10 minutes, you will need to start over again. Please note: You are not registered for the convening if your session times-out.