Make a Change! How Can Your Science Fair Join the 21st Century?
October 31, 2017 @ 12:45 pm – 2:00 pm America/Chicago Timezone
Wisconsin Center - 102C
Wisconsin Center
400 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53203

Session Description
Have you dabbled in personalized learning and are looking to take another leap (or micro-step) forward? Come take a look and see how we changed our previous science fair model into a science fair that has joined the 21st century by creating cross-curricular connections among reading, writing, science, and math. In our modified science fair format, learner choice was incorporated; in fact, it was the cornerstone of the fair. As a result of our Make a Change Fair, students took ownership for their learning, the product development, the research and their opportunity to make the world a better place (responsibility for the environment). Through presenting their findings to others within our community, they developed a sense of efficacy because they wondered how they could influence others to help make a change, too.


Kristen Mortier
Joanna Wachula (@jwachula)
Mary Ann Sander
Heather Goldberg (@Goldbergteach)
Alyson Eisch (@LakeviewWL)
Muskego-Norway School District

Kristen is an instructional coach at Lakeview Elementary School in the Muskego-Norway School District. She supports teachers in kindergarten through 4th grade through collaborating, planning, and co-teaching with them.

Joanna is a 4th grade teacher at Lakeview Elementary School. She has been co-teaching with a special education teacher to provide a fully inclusive learning experience for all students. Joanna is known for creating a strong, positive classroom community for her students.

Mary Ann is a 4th grade teacher at Lakeview Elementary School. She is known for her Disco Dancing Fridays, facilitating Dance Club, and bringing yoga into her classroom to support all students.

Heather is a 4th grade teacher at Lakeview Elementary School. She has a passion for personalized learning and bringing hands-on experiences to her students. She has an interest in coding and facilitates a Coding Club for 3rd and 4th grade students.

Alyson is the principal at Lakeview Elementary School. She has been instrumental in supporting teachers in implementing new practices in their classrooms. She is known in the building for her positivity, encouragement, and smile. Her support throughout the Make a Change Fair process was key to its success.